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Weekend Roundup: Salary Histories, Medical Marijuana, and Overtime Regulations

This week, we have three major stories from across the country. San Francisco is testing the waters with a new salary history ban, medical marijuana causes complications in Massachusetts, and on the national stage there is a new development in overtime regulations.


New San Francisco Ordinance Bans Salary History Question

While ban-the-box ordinances no longer shock the HR industry, this ordinance may come as a surprise to some. A new San Francisco regulation bans employers from asking job candidates for their salary histories in an attempt to address the gender pay gap. However, this poses complications for employers who rely on top-quality sales people. If your business hires sales people and uses W-2s or salary history verifications to verify commissions, then this is a story to keep an eye on.


Mass. Employers Grapple with Drug Testing and Medical Marijuana

The Massachusetts Supreme Judicial Court handed down a decision in late July that has many of the state’s employers rethinking their drug testing policies on marijuana. The decision ruled that state residents who are qualified medical marijuana users may bring disability discrimination claims against employers. This is a story KRESS is keeping a close eye.


Overtime Regulations Update: DOL Weighs In

Last December, many employers raised that salaries of their exempt employees before the new overtime regulations were halted by the Trump administration. There has been a new development in the story, as the Department of Labor weighed in at the Fifth Circuit, asking the court to uphold salary levels but not to rule on the $913 per week threshold. The DOL intends to revisit the salary level.


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