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Weekend Roundup: Snubbed Interns, Drones for HR, and a Rise in Benefits Costs

It’s been a busy week in the world of HR. Reports of intern pay, benefits, drones, hiring policies, and more have been in the news. Here’s what you need to know this week:

More Interns Get Paid, But Their Pay is Going Down

More students than ever are seeking out internships, and more of these interns are being paid. That’s the good news for those entering the workforce. The bad? Average pay for college interns in the U.S. is currently $18.06, but that’s less than the interns made in 2010 when adjusted for inflation. More employers are paying their interns in order to avoid time in court, as the legal definition for an intern, in most cases, requires that they are paid.

Cost of Benefits for Employers Has Risen 24 Percent Since 2004

As an HR manager or business owner, you know that the costs continue to rise. A new study confirms that the cost of benefits has risen by 24 percent since 2001. These benefits include health care, retirement, and post-retirement medical. The cost has risen from a total of 14.8 percent of pay to 18.3 percent of pay. Healthcare costs specifically account for much of the increase, rising from 5.7 percent to 11.5 percent of pay.

Drones and HR: What You Need to Know

Drones and human resources—these aren’t two subjects you would think of seeing together. SHRM has published an article outlining how the two can work together and what you need to know about legal requirements and regulations. Click the link to read about what you need to know to hire drone pilots and their training.

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