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Weekend Roundup: Strength Tests, the NLRB, and Healthcare Subsidies

This week, we’ve rounded up a few stories that haven’t made waves in the news but could have consequences in the HR industry for years to come. From strength tests to healthcare subsidies, here are the three HR stories you need to know:


Senate Confirms Marvin Campaign to NLRB

The National Labor Review Board (NLRB) is an independent federal agency that is responsible for enforcing U.S. labor laws. The NLRB has had an open seat for some time, and the latest appointee is a lawyer and former Republican congressional aide, Marvin Kaplan. Keep on the lookout for future stories from the NLRB to see how the administration influences labor laws.


Physical Abilities Tests May Be Biased Against Women

The EEOC filed a lawsuit claiming that three types of physical abilities tests used by CSX Transportation to screen job candidates deprive women of equal employment opportunities. The lawsuit raises questions about the sort of physical abilities tests that employers can use during the hiring process. The EEOC claims that the employer’s strength tests disqualify women at a higher rate than men. If your business uses physical tests during hiring, it may be time to reevaluate your process to ensure its legality.


Businesses May Bear Brunt of Healthcare Subsidy Withholding

Cost-sharing reduction subsidies are not well known among the public, but if they were to lose funding, the health insurance market may become too expensive for low-income families. Many states’ attorneys are intervening in an attempt to keep the funding in place. SHRM dove into the details to learn more about the consequences for businesses if the subsidies are withdrawn.


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