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Weekend Roundup: Tip Pooling, Domestic Partner Benefits, and Bias at NBCUniversal

Many EEOC lawsuits have made the news lately, and this week is no different. This week, we’ve rounded up a story on an EEOC lawsuit regarding strength tests resulting in bias against women, allegations against NBCUniversal, and domestic partner benefits.


Some Accuse NBCUniversal of ‘Only the Good Looking Need Apply’

NBCUniversal is in the headlines due to a lawsuit bringing sex discrimination claims against the company, alleging the company asked a recruiter for “good looking employees.” The lawsuit also alleges sexual harassment claims involving a manager.


Restaurant Settles Tip-sharing Lawsuit for $230,000

A Philadelphia restaurant has agreed to pay 41 servers $230,000 and an additional $90,000 in attorney fees in a lawsuit filed by a former employee. The suit was filed by an employee claiming the restaurant violated the Fair Labor Standards Act by sharing tips among both tipped and non-tipped employees. As a result of the lawsuit, restaurants should review their tip-sharing policies and ensure they are following both local and federal laws.


Employers Are Dropping Domestic Healthcare Benefits

SHRM reports that many employers are requiring same-sex couples to be married before an employee’s partner can receive healthcare benefits. The survey finds that the percentage of employers to provide these benefits fell from 59 percent to 48 percent. For some employers, these benefits can be difficult to manage compared to their married counterparts. Many states have stopped registering civil unions after the Supreme Court’s ruling on same-sex marriage.


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