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Weekend Roundup: Unemployment claims, Transforming HR, Background Check

In today’s Weekend Roundup, for the sixth consecutive week unemployment claims are holding steady under 1 million.  Meet Susan Insley, Vice President of Human Resources at VMware and discover how she has transformed the way one company hires and averts risk. The University of Texas ran a background check on an employee before he was hired in 2019 and was charged with five counts of child pornography. Click the headlines below to learn more.

New Unemployment Claims Hold Below 1 Million

States reported that 840,000 U.S. workers filed for new unemployment benefits during the week ending Oct. 3, marking the sixth consecutive week of initial jobless claims under 1 million. The total number of workers continuing to claim unemployment benefits dropped to 10.9 million last week after peaking at nearly 25 million in early May. Another 11.4 million people continue to claim unemployment under the Pandemic Unemployment Assistance program providing jobless benefits to workers previously not eligible for unemployment. New applications for unemployment benefits are well above the pre-pandemic levels of about 200,000 claims per week.

How an Internal Auditor Transformed HR

Having conducted nearly 60 “Faces of HR” interviews, I have spoken with people who came from every imaginable discipline before moving into HR. That’s part of what makes HR so resilient and capable—its people’s diverse backgrounds. Today’s guest comes from internal auditing, and in many ways, that puts her in a unique position to transform her company.

UT Austin Employee Charged With Five Counts Of Child Pornography

A University of Texas employee has been arrested and charged with five counts of child pornography, according to a report from KVUE’s news partners at the Austin American-Statesman. The report says Mario Villarreal, 49, was exchanging photos and videos with a woman in Tennessee. Police in Knoxville contacted the Texas attorney general’s office on Aug. 10 saying they had found child pornography while searching a woman’s house in Knoxville.

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