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Weekend Roundup: Vacations, Friending Colleagues on Facebook, and Hurricane Irma

This week, things are getting back to business as usual after Hurricane Harvey at our Headquarters in Houston. Unfortunately, our friends and clients in Florida are now recovering from Hurricane Irma. In today’s weekend roundup, we have insights on closing during natural disasters, taking vacations, and friending colleagues on Facebook.


Starbucks Closed and Paid Its Workers During Hurricane Irma

Starbucks closed 700 of its stores along the Southeastern coast and in Puerto Rico ahead of Hurricane Irma and offered to pay its employees who could not come to work due to store closings or were not able to safely travel there. This raises the question for other businesses: Should you pay employees who are not able to make it to work during a natural disaster?


Why Aren’t Brits Taking Vacations?

Most employees look forward to paid leave, but a new YouGov survey reported that 33 percent of British workers are not taking their annual leave. Why? They’re too busy at work. E-days takes a look into what causes employees to let their vacation days expire and why it’s important for workers to get a little R&R.


Friending Colleagues on Social Media Now Less Taboo

Seventy-one percent of workers feel comfortable friending their colleagues on Facebook, according to a new survey from OfficeTeam. In contrast, less than half of senior managers think it’s okay to engage with employees on social media—good news for HR managers who know this is a tricky area. If social media use is an issue in your office, take time this week to make an announcement on social media use in the workplace.

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