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Weekend Roundup: Workplace Culture, Pre-employment Screening, Drug Testing

In today’s Weekend Roundup, we take a look at better understanding workplace conversations that touch on sensitive matters like salary and personal topics. In related news, the modern workplace has increased pre-and post-employment background screening of all employees, allowing employers to stay compliant and ahead of any possible litigation. Finally, as Oregon decriminalizes certain narcotics and psilocybin, many employers are wondering how their workplace practices will be impacted. Click the headlines below to learn more.

The Case for Asking Sensitive Questions

Research shows that people assume asking sensitive questions about salary, relationship status, or other personal topics is likely to make their conversation partner feel uncomfortable and worsen their relationship. But in fact, that’s often not the case. Most respondents report a similar comfort level and impression of the question-asker regardless of whether they asked sensitive questions or mundane ones, and sometimes, asking these more personal questions can actually improve relationships. In this piece, the authors describe a series of experiments that explored this phenomenon, followed by several suggestions for how leaders can foster a workplace culture that encourages people to engage in these sensitive conversations in a healthy, productive manner.

What the Future Holds for Pre-employment Screening Checks in the Modern Workplace

If there’s one thing you can be sure about the future of the workplace it is increased pre-and post-employment screening of all employees. The reasons behind this growing trend are raised awareness about the necessity of implementing thorough background checks and the availability of a wide range of monitoring tools. The use of social media as a valid screening tool is still very much in a gray area as there are no clear regulations on the issue and employers are under the constant threat of breach of privacy lawsuits.

Oregon Decriminalizes Certain Narcotics and Legalizes Psilocybin Therapy

Oregon voters approved two groundbreaking measures in the 2020 election season to become the first state in the nation to decriminalize personal possession of small amounts of certain controlled substances (Measure 110) and legalize the therapeutic usage of psilocybin in a controlled therapy setting (Measure 109). Many employers may be wondering what these measures mean and how existing employment policies might be impacted.

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