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Weekend Roundup: Workplace Safety Updates, the Birth Control Mandate, and Apple

Workplace safety is a top priority for most companies, but complying with new laws can be confusing. OSHA allows states to adopt additional safety regulations, and this system is broken down in a recent SHRM article. New complications might also arise for some HR managers due to an update to a federal birth control mandate, and Apple has a new HR leader. Let’s take a closer look at these headlines:


State Workplace Safety Standards May Exceed OSHA’s Rules

Multistate employers know OSHA’s federal safety regulations—but how about state regulations? OSHA allows states to adopt additional regulations, meaning that employers must may close attention to nuances in regulations and administrative procedures from state to state. Currently, 21 states and Puerto Rico have OSHA-approved plans that cover both state and private employers.


Trump Administration Rolls Back Birth-control Mandate

Last week, the Trump administration moved to expand employers’ rights to deny women insurance coverage for contraception. This update to the previous administration’s mandate may make things tricky for HR managers. If your company opts out of offering insurance coverage, employee satisfaction may become an issue. Keep an eye on this issue in the coming months to see how your industry handles any insurance coverage updates.


Apple Has a New ‘Vice President of People’

Apple has a new leader of its human resources department. The company chose the title of “Vice President of People” for Deirdre O’Brien, who will manage all things HR for the company, including recruiting, training, employee benefits, and more. Large tech companies often lead the way in innovative benefits and recruiting techniques. Stay tuned for what Apple will do next to shake up HR.


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