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Weekend roundup: Your employees and you

You don’t give yourself enough credit if you’re in HR. No, really. You have the power to transform your company, to empower your employees and to protect the business. It’s all about HR this week.

Inc.: Six Dumb Things Your Employees Are Doing Online

Image: Getty Images

Nope, it’s not watching cat videos. This article actually offers managers and HR professionals insight into their employees’ unsafe online behavior that could compromise their personal security or that of the business as a whole. If you ever fear a data breach (and who doesn’t nowadays), make sure your employees are informed.

Fast Company: How to Boost Employee Happiness without Spending Any Money

This is not another article for culture (outright). Rather, this is about changing the way that each employee engages with work—allow them to set their own goals, give them clarity and purpose, and mentor them are three of the topics. If you’ve not read “The Alliance” yet and this article appeals to you, now is the time.

Business 2 Community: The Top Three Most Dangerous HR Mistakes

Of the three mistakes, the one that is most telling is underestimating the power of HR. A few years ago, there was quite a bit of chatter about getting HR “a seat at the table”. Since the recession, that focus has died down a bit, but the impact that HR can have on a business has never been greater. The War for Talent, combined with a diverse labor force, has made a forward-thinking HR department essential. Oh, and did we mention the number of compliance issues HR manages?

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