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Wellness and Education Trends to Watch for in 2017: A Weekend Roundup

Healthy employees are more productive employees—that’s what businesses across the country will hear from their HR managers in 2017. Employee health and emotional wellbeing are the latest in new incentives that are rising in popularity. For many businesses, the success of these programs could outweigh the additional costs. Programs promoting physical and emotional health include wellness programs, personal monitoring devices, and changes in office buildings.

Technology is a key part in all of these programs, but most notably in personal monitoring device programs. In fact, data from devices like the Fitbit or Apple Watch can be used to lower healthcare costs. These programs typically offer employees a free fitness tracking device, and the employer creates daily or weekly goals for their employees to hit. These programs may be tied to financial incentives or serve as general fitness motivation.

Technology also offers simpler ways to engage with employees. A low-cost wellness program gaining popularity is sending daily tips to employees via email. Tips include advice such as taking the stairs instead of the elevator, reminding employees to eat an extra serving of vegetables or notifications of company-sponsored wellness activities.

Some companies are going as far as to redesign their office spaces to be more wellness-compatible. Offering free or reduced-cost food has long been a staple for many large companies, but they don’t always include the healthiest options. One change has been to remove vending machines and replace them with a fruit station. Other changes are more drastic, such as adding walking paths on company grounds or redesigning stairs to make them more appealing than elevators.

What kind of wellness programs do you think we will see more of 2017? Let us know by sharing on our Facebook page!

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