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What are Rolling Background Checks?

Employers can’t be too careful these days. Workplace accidents and criminality can expose businesses to serious liabilities that can shut a company down virtually overnight. Often, all it takes is one rogue employee to ruin a business’ reputation. That’s why more and more employers are implementing rolling background checks for their workforces.

Rolling background checks, continuous background screening, and other policies are essentially different names for the same idea: Catching crimes or contract violations committed by employees after they were hired that could place your business at risk. A single screening completed before an employee was hired is of no use, for example, if your employee only started racking up DUIs or assault charges after he or she was hired. Periodic, regular background checks help ensure that legally problematic employees can’t fly under the radar at your company.

Continuous screening is more widely available today than it was a couple of years ago, due in large part to advances in technology, said Melissa Sorenson, executive director of the National Association of Professional Background Screeners. Rolling background checks are only possible primarily because more police departments and court systems have moved to online records systems, as well as due to advances in technology to scan the Web and analyze data.

Some of the industries most enthusiastically embracing rolling background checks are manufacturing and retail, government, and public school systems. Businesses that rely on drivers are also adopting continuous screening policies to catch drunk driving offenses. Any employer concerned about the damage that could be done to his or her business or reputation by an employee breaking the law should consider rolling background checks as an option. The benefits of such a policy relative to the costs are just too clear.

KRESS helps businesses nationwide implement customized rolling background check policies to protect them from unnecessary liabilities. Ready to consult with the experts on how rolling background checks might benefit your business? Contact us today.

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