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What Do Job Applicants Lie About on Their Résumés?

It is a sad reality of the hiring process that many applicants choose to lie on their résumés about their background and credentials. According to a study, up to 85 percent of applicants lie about their experience and career history on their resumes. That statistic indicates the level of research and verification that must be conducted to obtain a proper understanding of an applicant’s actual background.

Without a proper background check, an applicant could fabricate their entire identity and an employer would be oblivious. Some of the most common areas where employees are intentionally untruthful will include the length of their tenure with a previous employer, their level of mastery at a certain skill, or education that they never received or finished. While some of these things are easy to discover through a basic interview, other information might not be uncovered until an unqualified candidate joins your team and is utterly unprepared for their role.

To avoid the fiasco of hiring a fraudulent employee, thorough verification and screening of all candidates is required to filter out untruthful candidates well before the final hiring stages. That’s why KRESS Employment Screening offers intensive candidate verification services. With KRESS’s services, employers can verify a candidate’s education, work history, references, and licensing credentials to guarantee that an applicant is representing themselves in an accurate manner.

It would be a mistake to convince yourself that you can spot every lie on a resume. Save yourself from even getting close to hiring a deceitful candidate by getting started with KRESS today.

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