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What is a Civil History Search? Don’t Put Your Company in Jeopardy!

Civil history searches reveal legal actions filed by businesses and individuals against other people and companies, such as bankruptcy, liens, or civil judgements. The searches include seven years of information and are helpful when vetting a job candidate who could potentially become a liability to your company.

Understanding Civil Searches:

  • Civil judgements do not result in jail time, but rather financial penalties.
  • Civil cases are brought forth by a wronged party.
  • Civil searches can reveal lawsuits against former employers.

A candidate’s civil search record can show whether they were involved in wrongful termination, harassment, violation of contracts, non-compete clauses, and lawsuits, thus aiding hiring decisions by detecting actions that reveal a candidate’s character and integrity.

Civil background searches can be complicated due to the court system and court structure varying from state-to-state. However, running civil background searches is important when vetting a candidate such as, commercial drivers, accountants, managers, and sales positions.

  • Commercial Drivers: A civil background search is one of the only ways you can determine whether or not someone sued the applicant or employee in a personal injury accident or wrongful death suit.
  • Accounting/Management Positions: Civil background searches give you insight into their bill-payment history that you may not be able to see on a credit report. Small claims, foreclosures, and/or tax liens are all important cases for anyone who may be handling company financials.
  • Sales Positions: Civil background searches will give you information on tax liens, contracts/debts, and small claim cases. These are all indicators of reliability and integrity, which are important in a sales position.

If you have any questions about how KRESS works to ensure thorough, accurate, and compliant civil history checks for our clients, please contact us today and ask away. That’s what we’re here for! We take pride in offering premium background check services to business and organization of all sizes in many different industries.


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