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When Schools Close for the Summer, Can Employee Education Still Be Verified?

Has a job candidate ever “padded” their résumé in hopes of landing a position with your company? It’s more common than you may think. A recent survey from CareerBuilder shows that three out of four HR managers have found a lie on a résumé. That’s fraud, and it could put your business at risk of legal liabilities in the event of an accident or another workplace incident.

One area that commonly gets an extra dose of padding on resumes is the education section. That’s why it’s so important to screen your applicants and verify their education as part of a pre-employment screening. You can’t afford to skip this step. Background checks aren’t just about checking someone’s criminal record. Applicants who lie about their education can cause serious repercussions for your business and its reputation with your customers. When the lies are eventually discovered, not only do they embarrass the company and tarnish its reputation, they can also cost you a lot of money: The company will have to spend even more resources finding and hiring a replacement.

KRESS helps business across the nation screen job candidates for potential résumé fraud, including education verification. Connecting with schools across the country can be a difficult process, and it takes experience to streamline the verification process. But how do we contact schools to verify job candidates’ education claims when those schools are closed for the summer?

Many universities and public school districts have personnel who work all summer long and can help fulfill verification requests. Some don’t, however. In either case, KRESS will work to access all of the education records possible in as rapid a timeframe as we can. If for any reason we can’t verify a candidate’s educational résumé, we’ll let you know quickly—and we’ll let you know why.

In order to prevent fraud, it’s critical that employers work with KRESS to conduct a thorough check to verify that the applicant attended the educational institution that they claimed and that the institution is legitimate and accredited. We must also verify the dates the applicant attended the institution, when they completed the coursework, and if they truly received the degree(s) they say they did.

We will provide a clear, detailed report you can use to compare what the applicant claims with what they have actually achieved. If you find any discrepancies, the report will help you determine if this is a deal breaker or a minor issue.

KRESS works with employers across many different industries to ensure that education verification is a smooth, timely process. If you’re looking for an experienced, professional screening partner to assist you with your pre-employment screening needs, contact us today for a consultation.


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