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Why Do HR and Hiring Managers Love KRESS? Let Us Show the Ways.

As an employer, it’s important to know that your employment screening vendor is ahead of the curve and has solutions for your HR needs. KRESS is rooted in the highest standards of value, speed, service, and accuracy—that is the KRESS difference.

Value: Our packages verify all counties, statewide indexes, federal courts, and sex offender registries where a job candidate has resided for the past seven years and they are searched for a fraction of the cost charged by our competitors.

Speed: Employers need job candidate verifications and screenings immediately, and we deliver. We understand the fast-paced nature of the HR services industry. More importantly, we also understand the need for complete and thorough results for pre-employment screening, verifications, and drug tests.

Service: Our customer service is customized and one-on-one. We pride ourselves in ensuring when you call that you speak with a live person immediately instead of dealing with automated system prompts.

Accuracy: Unlike our competitors, we don’t rely entirely on public databases for our results. Every pre- employment screening assignment is a combination of automated searches and thorough fact checking and verification aided by our nationwide network of researchers who cover every county, state and federal court in the U.S.

Our skilled, experienced team conducts the proper due diligence every time to provide screening results our clients can count on. Finally, our clients always want to know about the accuracy of their screening results. This is where KRESS shines. As veteran industry leaders in Texas, we have forged strong client relationships with large corporations such as ExxonMobil as well as smaller, entrepreneur-focused businesses through an unyielding commitment to the accuracy of our results. We never cut corners to give our clients screening results faster or for a cheaper price.

Contact the pre-employment screening experts at KRESS today to discuss your needs. We’ll craft a customized screening package just for your business that’s both cost-efficient and timely. We provide our clients with top-notch customer service because our business model is based on lasting, personal relationships. Give us a call today at 888.636.3693 to find out for yourself!




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