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Why You Should Always Keep an Eye on Your Workforce

For HR professionals, a pre-hire screening often offers an internal sense of security and satisfaction. After locating and interviewing qualified candidates, the thorough verification of a candidate’s background enables hiring managers to breathe a sigh of relief that their company’s available vacancy can be filled.

This feeling of gratification may contribute to the remarkable statistic that 48 percent of employers do not rescreen their employees after the initial hire. Although pre-hire screening serves a crucial role in mitigating person-based risks in the workplace, it is also vital to continue proactively monitoring employees throughout their tenure with your organization.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, ten percent of all employees will be arrested twice after four years of employment. That degree of personal instability from an experienced team member could disrupt the productivity of their colleagues and any workplace incidents could permanently harm trust and morale or even open the door for potentially devastating lawsuits. If an employee’s public records update with information that indicates an increased risk of harassment, violence, embezzlement, or fraud, you must act on that knowledge immediately to prevent legal, financial, or reputational damages to your company.

As an extra measure of protection against the risks not indicated in their pre-hire background screenings, KRESS Employment Screening also safeguards businesses with the KRESS SHIELD continuous monitoring system. KRESS SHIELD grants users real-time access to any of their employee’s arrest records, charges filed, prosecution, and adjudication notifications to guarantee that any potential threats can be identified and extinguished immediately.

Don’t allow your team to be blindsided by one employee’s actions. Be proactive and get started with KRESS SHIELD now!

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