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Win Secret Santa: Gift Ideas for the Whole Office!

Every year, the office’s Secret Santa picks are made and we’re in the same pickle. We’re stumped for gift ideas! Selecting a gift for a boss or coworker you hardly know is always a challenge, and throwing in the extra variables of your office culture and budget don’t make it any easier. For many people, chocolate gift baskets will be an acceptable gift that they’d like to receive, so you may want to consider picking something like that. Here are a few fun gift ideas under $25 for everyone in the office:

The Big Boss

Eek! You’ve drawn the boss, and now you have to impress. These are a few thoughtful, interesting gifts that any boss can appreciate:

  • A low-care plant
  • Adventurous stationery
  • Fine wine
  • A unique paperweight

The Watercooler Buddy

You’ve drawn your giftee and… Your Secret Santa to your cube-mate! If your giftee is someone you already know, the gift-picking process is much easier. Here are a few ideas that allow you a little creativity in choosing their gift:

  • A desk planner
  • Business card holder
  • Fancy snack pack
  • A gift card to their favorite local cafe

The New Kid

Uh oh. What do you do if you hardly know your giftee? This is most likely the case if you’ve picked your newest colleague. If you don’t know much about their likes and dislikes, these are gifts that anyone will find useful:

  • Everyone’s favorite: cozy socks
  • A well-made notebook
  • Cute travel mug
  • Artsy desk calendar

The IT Guy

In many companies, the IT department is a little more laid back. If you have a casual office in general, these could be fun gifts for anyone:

  • A warm snuggie
  • A great gag gift: A Chia Pet
  • Desktop dartboard
  • A fun USB drive

At KRESS, the holidays are our favorite time of year. For more fun holiday ideas, including team-building activities, subscribe to our newsletter.

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