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Your Discount Employment Screening Company is Costing You Big

It’s common for local businesses to outsource large, cheap background check companies in order to save a little money. It sounds like a good deal: The same job-candidate background screening services for a lower price. More and more businesses are discovering, however, that cheaper background checks are costing them thousands or even millions in potential earnings.

Here’s how: Any HR professional can tell you that great job candidates are not easy to find. Finding the perfect candidate can take some time, but switching to a discount background screening service can increase the time needed to make a hire to an absurd 2–3 months. Few quality hires are willing to stick around that long.

How It Works
The way most cheap background screening services work is essentially by treating job candidates as guilty until proven innocent, and they often make proving innocence impossibly difficult. Background screens for a majority of businesses come back with at least one discrepancy. These services are typically largely automated and outsourced to overseas companies. Verifying work history and education often prove to be too big a challenge for discount background check companies, so the burden is placed on the job candidate, who must now be asked to dig up an old W2 from a company he or she worked for five or more years ago which may or may not exist any longer.

So, the candidate must do some work and wait for the background screening company to verify his or her information. This may not seem like such a big deal at first. Quickly, however, you will realize that the top candidates you’ve already spent time and money recruiting and interviewing will be insulted by the lazy, unverified background check process and unwilling to wait two months for the problem to be resolved. He or she needs a job, not a hassle. Nearly all of them will take the very next job that is offered to them.

The Contractor Conundrum
Losing out on the best job candidates costs businesses plenty in potential revenues, but there’s more. A reputable, dependable background screening company such as KRESS can typically provide a complete background check in under 48 hours. Discount screening providers can’t match that level of service, leaving the hiring of contractors as the only recourse for many businesses to make a time-sensitive hire quickly. In many cases, these businesses end up paying a contracting company more than double the salary of a quality employee for poorer performance. Over years, it can all add up to millions of dollars in losses.

How to Save Time and Money
If your company is caught up in the discount background check cycle, you will be thrilled and amazed at how quickly a quality, reputable background screening company like KRESS can make your life so much easier. We understand how difficult it is to hire the best. That’s why you and your candidates will love KRESS’ e-consent options, mobile interface, and fast results. Our background checks start at $19.99 with no contracts.

Don’t let a discount background check company impede your hiring process. Call KRESS today at (888) 636-3693.

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